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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Our clients receive complete, end-to-end management from a licensed, experienced agent. We’ll analyze comparable home sales data to help you determine the optimal list price, arrange a professional photographer, and develop a comprehensive plan to market your home through the MLS and dozens of other websites and channels. We’ll also work with you and interested buyers to coordinate showings, negotiate offers, and do everything needed to get you through the closing process — just like a traditional agent would — but for a fraction of the cost!


To incentivize other agents to bring their buyers to see your home (and in order to be listed in the MLS), you need to offer a commission to the cooperating “Buyer’s Agent.” Typically, the Buyer’s Agent is offered 3%, but in some metro areas with higher home prices, 2.5% may be more common. By offering the standard 3% commission, you can avoid lost traffic to your home and expect a faster home sale for a higher price. If NationalHomeListings is able to sell your home, with no Buyer’s Agent involved, you pay only a $995 Buyer Fee instead of the typical 2.5%-3% Buyer’s Agent commission described above. With our low 1% listing fee helps you save thousands in both Listing Agent and Buyer’s Agent commissions.


We market homes across multiple channels to reach the greatest number of buyers and buyer agents. We list your home in the MLS and dozens of national websites, including, Zillow, Trulia, and others. This ensures the highest visibility among potential buyers. According to the National Association of Realtors, over 92% of homebuyers search for their home online. In addition, we market homes through social channels, including Facebook ads and a dedicated landing page for each listing, which helps drive more home buyers to view your property. Lastly, we place a yard sign for each of our clients. In terms of attributed traffic sources, these methods combined account for over 99% of all home sales in the US.


No. Our approach is the exact same level of service you’d receive from a big, national brokerage. We provide advice, guidance and contract assistance that goes well beyond what you’d receive with a For Sale By Owner service. We include pre-listing consultation, pricing analysis, ongoing support, coordination of home showings and feedback from buyers.


Yes, we will meet prospective buyers at the property if they do not have an agent or if their agent is unable to attend. We also include a Supra iBox (the Realtor preferred electronic box) and text alerts to let you know when a home showing has been requested. Because some buyers attempt to book last minute showings, the electronic lockbox is a valuable feature.


Our customers sacrifice nothing when compared to a larger, national brokerage. That being said, there are a couple of silly things we generally do not provide, such as printed flyers for showings or balloons for open houses – both common practices among old-school agents. Other than these items, NationalHomeListings does everything you would expect from a full service brokerage.


Our listing fee is paid at the time of your closing and is deducted from the profit on the sale of your home. This is the exact process that occurs when you list and sell through a national brokerage, except a fraction of the cost.


We provide you with a home value report prior to listing your property. This report will give you an estimate of your home’s value in the current market based on publicly available data for recent home sales. You decide if upgrades, special features or finishes merit a price above or below the estimated value we provide.


Sellers save thousands with our low 1% listing fee

With a big brokerage, the commission paid by a seller is typically 5%-6%. At NationalHomeListings, our 1% listing fee lowers the total commission to 4%

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